A Denture Reline

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in Denture Articles

Dental patients that have custom dentures, they are custom made and fitted to the shape of the individual in order to fit properly in the mouth. Dentures last upwards of seven years, and while there are changes in the shape of the mouth, combined with normal wear and tear, relining will be necessary at different times. A properly trained dentist can do a proper denture reline, and make sure the patient continues to enjoy a great custom, secure fit in their mouths.

A denture reline is a process that involves shaving away the underside of dentures and replacing the pieces with plastic, in order to have a proper fit on the gums. The reason most patients end up needing a reline is simply because bone loss in the mouth area occurs over time.

There are different types of relining procedures; each one does the same task in a different way. For instance a hard reline is traditionally recommended for patients that that have worn dentures for quite sometime. This procedure might need to be done every two to three years. This type of denture reline requires the dentures to be sent to a laboratory, and takes a longer time than other relining options. A soft reline can be done for patients that have sensitive gums and those that develop painful spots from the underside of their dentures. Temporary relines are available for people who have worn their dentures too long and their gums become swollen or worse, misshapen. Temporary relines contain anesthetic to ease the swelling and pain before dentures can be properly fitted. It’s important for denture wearers to continue to visit their dentist on a regular basis, to make sure the gums are doing fine, and the dentures are still working appropriately.

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